Why C2b Asia?

There are many reasons. Most importantly a business broker is a business sales professional. While you may be an expert at running your business, what do you really know about the ins and outs of selling a business? Do you have a long list of prospective buyers? Do you have a strategy to get the highest price in the market place for your business type? Are you an experienced business negotiator? Do you know how to structure the agreements to assure yourself of the best possible outcome? How will you protect your confidentiality? Are you familiar with the strategies that buyers use to reduce your price? We are professional business brokers and we are trained to handle all of these situations and more!

Selling a business is not like selling a house. When you want to sell your house, you can put it on the multiple listing service. The address is posted so as many people as possible will know of your desire to sell and drive by to visit your home. The information about your sale plans is freely shared with the public. There are no secrets. But, when you offer a business for sale, you are faced with the challenge of creating a market for something that is top secret. This is the most challenging part of selling a business and what business brokers specialize in. We are the intermediary between you and the business buying public and we protect your confidentiality while creating as strong a market as possible for your business.

At C2B Asia, we have developed a successful selling model. First, we only earn a commission when we bring a buyer to the table and the deal closes, and secondly, C2B has pioneered specialized complimentary tools and marketing services that every seller automatically receives if they choose us to be their business broker. This means that working with C2B is no risk proposition with free benefits that we extend to our clients whether we end up helping them sell a business or not.

A Proven Business Sales System

Most business owners usually don’t know the steps involved in selling a business and we will walk you through them from start to finish.

 Complimentary Professional Business Valuation

We conduct a complimentary professional business valuation that we have designed, and it maximizes the value of your business for sale. We’ll produce an effective financial analysis of your company that shows an attractive and accurate picture of your earnings. We will use the financial analysis that we prepare to help you arrive at the best selling price for your business. One that is not too high that it scares the good buyers away and one that gets you a fair value for the business that you have invested so much in. Our valuation is produced at no additional cost to you but it requires you to share your company financial records with us.

 Protection of Your Interests throughout the Entire Business Sale Process

We maximize value, we maintain confidentiality, and we maintain deal flow to help you sell your business quickly.

Complimentary Internet Marketing of Your Business for Sale

We post your business for sale on many different web sites and search engines where we know people who want to buy a business search. We also utilizes direct email advertising as a means to approach to our buyers.

 Complimentary Registered Business Buyer Database Cross Check

Within 48 hours of receiving your business for sale listing, we cross check our growing database of pre-qualified registered buyers to determine if there are instant matches. There is a very strong possibility that we already have registered buyers in our system who would like to buy your business today!

 Complimentary Advertising of Your Business on our E-NL

We advertise your business for sale in our E-Newsletter, our online resource that highlights your business for sale along with informative articles for people who want to buy a business. We target circulation of our magazine toward people who are actively searching to buy a business.

 Commissions Earned Only When C2B Introduces the Business Buyer

We are a “pay for performance” based company. We only earn a commission if we introduce a C2B Registered Buyer and that buyer closes on your business-if you sell your business on your own to a buyer which we did not introduce, we do not deserve a commission! Starting from our initial meeting with a buyer, to qualification, offer agreement, negotiations, removal of contingencies, purchase and sale agreement and finally the closing, we work the deal every step of the way, and at no additional cost to you. We get paid to succeed in the end so you can be sure that we will run your transaction effectively, leaving the management of your business to you!

 Maintains and respect Confidentiality

Rest assured that we will handle your business sale very confidentially. We understand the importance of maintaining confidentiality, so information about your business is shared with potential buyers in stages only as their level of interest heightens. We will help you maintain your ‘secret’ by asking the buyers the right questions and setting up appropriate steps of delivering information. If you demand or if we find it necessary, we will sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) with the buyer and our agents. All business listings at C2B Asia do not reveal company name or business operations.

 The C2B Business Brokers Network

At C2B Asia, we have an in-house network of many brokers, all of whom have their own clients too. As soon as the business is listed on C2B portal, it is also shared with all registered brokers.

 Productive Negotiations to Help You Sell Your Business

C2B will be representing YOU during the negotiation of price and terms of a deal. Being represented by an intermediary will give you a tremendous advantage in the necessary negotiating process. We help overcome common objections and hurdles that occur during due diligence and negotiations-you will want us to present your case to a buyer, particularly at times when it seems like things could get unpleasant. We will coordinate due diligence inspections by a potential C2B Asia business buyer in a manner that will be beneficial for both of you. We will consult regarding transfers of all leases, company, licenses, etc. with potential business buyer and any outside advisors. We will attend the closing itself to assist in making the business sale go as smoothly as possible for all parties.

Don’t you think appointing C2B as your business broker makes good sense. We are looking forward to working with you and helping you reach your goals for your business sale!