Legal & Accounting Services

Legal & Accounting Services

C2B Asia assists clients with legal services for doing business in Thailand at affordable charges. Thailand’s Legal framework can be very challenging and complicated initially for foreigners to understand due to the registration procedures and the documentation, which is done in Thai language. For this, you need to hire lawyer who is able to communicate in Thai on your behalf to fulfil all requirements to run your business lawfully.

C2B Asia has a dedicated legal team with English speaking staff that can help you to comply with all legal requirements of your business.

One of the key trademarks of C2B Asia which distinguish C2B Asia from other legal and accounting companies, is that it helps and guides the clients in lowering their taxation costs resulting in higher profits at no additional cost.

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- Company Registration

Business organizations in Thailand are classified into companies, partnerships or sole proprietorships. Other classifications include a branch office, a representative office or a regional operating headquarters. You need to hire an experienced lawyer to decide on the most appropriate business organization to establish. These expertise are provided by C2B experienced Lawyers. The most popular and common type of business setup among foreigners is limited company. Contact us for more details.

+ Work Permits

In order to legally work in Thailand, a foreigner must apply for a work permit. Work permit is a legal document that states a foreigner’s position, current occupation, or job description and the Thai company he is working with. It also serves as a license to perform a job or an occupation allowed for foreigners inside Thailand. Work-Permit is issued by the Labour Department, must be obtained before beginning work. Highly experienced lawyers of C2B Asia, will prepare all documentation and will get you a work-permit.

+ Visa Services

C2B Asia helps clients in getting right visas for clients for their legal stay in Thailand. These include Non-Immigrant Visa, One Year Business Visa and Business Visa Extension, Investment Visa, Retirement Visa, Educational Visa and Marriage Visa.

+ Property Law

C2B Asia offers legal property services to ensure you are making a viable investment. The services include Title Deed Search, Due Diligence, Prepare the Sale and Purchase Agreement, Transfer or Registration of Title, Registration of Thai Company, 30 Years Lease Agreement, condominium Purchase, etc.

+ Licences

Majority of businesses in Thailand require specific licenses to operate. Licenses are issued by different government agencies depending upon the nature of business. One business may require several licenses e.g. Hotel Business will require hotel license, food and beverage license, alcohol license, cigarette license, music license, etc. Licenses are often issued on Client’s company name, and the C2B Asia lawyer prepares documents and file licenses with relevant agencies on behalf of our client.

+ Accounting

C2B Asia provides clients with assistance Accounting and Tax matters ranging from the various monthly and yearly Thai government filings and client-specified requirements ensuring that the needs and requirements of clients are fulfilled and satisfied on a monthly and yearly basis. Maintenance of accurate and up to date accounts is important for successful business operations. With our support and technical guidance, it will help you in thriving your investments while adhering to all Thai legal requirements.

+ Agreements

C2B Asia assist clients in drafting and reviewing a variety of agreements/contracts for our clients, including: Lease Contracts, Sale and Purchase Agreements, Partnership agreements, property deeds, power of attorney, joint venture agreements, etc.

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